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1.Africa Best Digital Enabler (Internet, Devices)

2.Africa Best Mobile App (FinTech and Telecom)

3.Africa Best FinTech Innovator

4.Africa Best Digital Financial Services Platform

5.Africa Best Digital Financial Services Integrator/Aggregator

6.Africa Best Content App


1.Best Digital Banking (Online, Mobile, Social Banking)

2.Best Saving, Lending/Credit Product

3.Best Mobile Payments

4.Best Cards Payments

5.Best Community Banking.

6.Best Digital Customer Experience (Financial Services, Telecom, IT)

7.Best Digital Customer Experience (Utilities and Government Services)

8.Best Brand on Social Media (Financial Services, Telecom, IT)

9.Best Brand on Social Media (Consumer Goods)

10.Best Digital Powered Campaign

11.Best E-Service/E-Commerce

12.Best Digital Embrace by Non-Consumer Facing Brand

13.Commendation for Trade Digitization

14.Disruptive Innovation

15.Best Digital Awareness Initiative (Financial Literacy, Technologies, Entrepreneurship)

16.Digital Brand of The Year